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Welcome to the World of Oliver Sun

The big tale from a little mind

My Story

A Few Words to get you going

Hello, everyone, I am Oliver (though I like to be called Olly, if that pleases you). I like to write to my heart’s desire, and if you’re like me, then go for it. Just write and let your imagination run wild.
  Different genres of writers have different thoughts on their writing, and want to feel something motivational or emotional in their stories. For example, a humorous writer will want to laugh, a horror writer will want to really make their text frightening and a non-fiction writer will want to sound smart and spread what they know.
  I am looking forward to, for people like me who love to write, to post their tales and their thoughts here so that everyone of the world can see your amazing talents.
  No matter if you write with computer or pencil, I encourage you to write and imagine your own little space and let your soul really dive deep into your text.
  I want to try inspiring as many people as possible and really let them love to write like me. I think writing is a great hobby because once you start writing a story, you feel really absorbed in it and it’s hard to stop. It also lets you see the world as a better place and, because usually there is a solution in the story at the end, if you’re a pessimist, you’re definitely forget about all your errors and faults and just look at your texts and say, “Wow.”
  I’m looking forward to seeing you and your precious tales!

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