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Prologue. A Brief History of Tiny People Before We Begin


THIS IS a tale of long ago, before elves sat on toadstools and before dwarves began their mining labours. Nowadays you hardly hear of a ‘Cremien,’ a tiny person no taller than a person’s thumb. Cremiens were only heard of in long-ago tales. We can be sure they lived amidst fields of rye and are tiny people no taller than your thumb and were small enough to climb into the inner parts of a lilac. Many ‘long-ago tales’ are fictional, they are based on elves and dwarves, and that which are all untrue. But this one, I can assure you, is true. A Cremien is a true tiny person who live in true holes-in-the-ground and were truly no taller than your truest thumb. A newborn Cremien is no larger than a half-thumb, if an adult Cremien is no taller than your thumb. Cremiens had timid personalities – rarely coming out at daytime, the time they call the ‘troubling times’, when spiders were out. ‘Giants’, they call us. It originated when Prince Harty, the twenty-third prince of the Cremiens, met one of us and was reported to have seen ‘Giants’. But none of that matters. What matters is this…

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